Countermeasures: worth it?

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Re: Countermeasures: worth it?

Postby mj12games » Wed Mar 07, 2018 2:19 pm

Cloaking devices work differently in the SFU, and therefore I reduced the DRAT multiplier. Entering "Romulan" as the faction is a trigger for the spreadsheet to know it's an SFU design.

I have had the "Cloaking Devices are overpriced" discussion many times over the years, and I have yet to be convinced that is indeed the case. But I am open to further debate. :)
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Re: Countermeasures: worth it?

Postby GamingGlen » Wed Mar 07, 2018 4:47 pm

That explains that. I have a new "Romulan" design to make use of the Cloaking Device. I'll test it out against Beowulf in the near future.

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Re: Countermeasures: worth it?

Postby BeowulfJB » Sun Apr 01, 2018 6:00 pm

Hello everyone,
My friends & I here in Jacksonville usually play twice a week.
Last game my opponent brought a ship in his force that cost c2300 that had three countermeasures, level 5 shields, 10 armor and c20 hull along with mediocre weapons. I had every ship fire at it and rolled well.
Here is the SSD of the four formidable DDGs that I used in the battle to support the BBs:

SNS Dorsetshire (250)
-Tech: Engines +2; Shields +2; Weapons +2
Screens: 5-4-3-2-1
Hull: 6-5-4-3-2-1
Engines: 4-3-2
Weapons: 22-15-8

Laser Guns (3-6-9) 1×3+/1/1
ABCD ☐| ABCD ☐ // (1)

Plasma Missiles (6-12-18) 1×3+/1/5 (Fcs; Slw; Slw)
CD2 ☐| CD2 ☐| CD2 ☐| CD2 ☐| CD2 ☐| CD2 ☐ // (3)

Plasma Missiles (6-12-18) 1×3+/1/5 (Fcs; Slw; Slw)
CD2 ☐| CD2 ☐| CD2 ☐| CD2 ☐| CD2 ☐| CD2 ☐ // (3)

CIWS (0-1-1) 3×2+/1/1 (Dfs)
360° ☐| 360° ☐| 360° ☐ // (2)

Equipment: Hyperdrive ☐| Overthrusters ☐| Tractor Beam ☐☐☐ // (3)

His ship took a hammering and enough of the Plasma Missiles got thru his shields when I rolled five 6s for penetration to wreck his ship. Then next turn it was demolished. Level three countermeasures with level 5 shields is a strong defense, but not invincible...
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