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Re: Yet another B5 Thread

Postby KDLadage » Wed May 10, 2017 1:59 pm

MRCAcct wrote:I was hoping that the four "popular" ships would come out roughly even in terms of point values (I blame it on too much SFB, where the Fed CA and the Klingon D7 were designed to be pretty evenly matched).

Gotcha. Bab5 is not that kind of universe, however. :)

MRCAcct wrote:I'm also looking at making some major changes to my conversion "formulas". Part of this has come from my finally tracking down some stats for B5 ACTA ships (and older Starmada AE conversions) and realizing that some of my weapons may need some tweaking.

Talk with Dan... I am sure he has a mathematical value for each of those. I would not, however, have a trait that includes another trait. Have the trait... and allow the other trait to be added in as well.

MRCAcct wrote:Hull and Defenses are the other thing I'm still not 100% satisfied with. Hull right now is a 'plug number', sort of backwards ship design - add everything, then adjust hull to fit. This has lead to some ships of the same class having different Hull values (higher and lower). And while I'm quite in love with the directional defenses (both of them), I'm not finding a fit/formula that makes me happy.

Just a thought and a comment from the peanut gallery...

For Hull... take the number of total hull boxes and divide by a constant to get the Hull value in Starmada. Then, do not worry if everything does not fit in a Starmada-ruled hull. This is a conversion and so it does not need to meet the Starmada ship design standard. Know that the battle point value will calculate correctly regardless.

Just find one ship and decide about what you think the hull should be. This will give you the divisor you need and go from there. I would suggest that you select the largest ship you plan to convert... set it at the largest Hull value you plan to use... viola!

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Re: Yet another B5 Thread

Postby murtalianconfederacy » Thu May 11, 2017 8:09 am

MRCAcct wrote:
murtalianconfederacy wrote:noticed the Olympus Gunship has a phantom Class-S Missile Rack battery

D'oh! Yeah, it was a mistake (that I usually catch). I do multiple ships of the same 'class'; start with one, copy Drake notation, go back, modify to next one ('cause most ships have same arcs, different weapons).

Fair enough. I always tend to find little bits of errata myself after I release things to the wild, so to speak. Unfortunately, I tend to only find them piecemeal, such as the fact that I looked again at the Centauri and Narn and saw a couple things wrong:

Altarian Magnus--Battle Laser should be ABCD.

G'Lan--Should be medium lasers not heavy (I remember this b/c the fluff for the G'Lan said they had to downgrade the heavies for mediums to make space for the mag cannons)
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Re: Yet another B5 Thread

Postby MRCAcct » Fri May 19, 2017 12:46 am

I've re-uploaded my first four B5 ship lists. Cleaned them up a touch, redid some of my conversion formulas, brought the lists down to base ships only, and added my Ship Only/Fighter Only traits. Next up will likely be the main Leauge of Non-Aligned Worlds (6 races), Dilgar, or Raiders and Civilians (first one, then the other).

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