An idea for activation

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An idea for activation

Postby mj12games » Fri Sep 07, 2012 3:27 pm

So, I've found myself looking more and more at this game, particularly now that there are some valid options for producing a hard copy (i.e. not just "print and play").

In thinking about it, I'm toying with a different kind of turn sequence. Keep in mind that the game board would be made of up of individual hexagons, called "sectors", assembled somewhat randomly. Not all sectors will be included in all games.

Each sector has an associated playing card. All of the cards for the sectors in a given game are shuffled into a single deck. Three cards are dealt to each player. The first player plays one card, which indicates the "active" sector. Then, the following steps are conducted:

1) Income -- the player in control of the active sector receives the appropriate amount of money. If no player controls the sector, the money is placed on the game board, and is collected by the first player to move into the sector.

2) Movement -- any ships in the sector may be moved. If ships move into an enemy-controlled sector, combat ensues.

3) Repair -- any damaged units in the active sector may be repaired. Units that moved into the sector in the previous step cannot be repaired.

4) Production -- new units may be placed in the active sector.

Once this is done, the first player draws a new card. The next player then plays a card, and so on. When all cards have been played, one turn is over. Remove any unclaimed money from the game board, reshuffle the sector deck, and start again.
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