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Evolution of Arms

Postby Marauder » Mon Nov 28, 2011 8:22 pm


So I'm getting tempted by Evolution of Arms. Can anyone answer some questions?

1) The new point system. Does that replace the old one or is it just for particular scenarios (i.e. ones in cramped locations)?
2) Hand to hand options. Is melee still purchased as part of the model or are there now separate hand to hand weapons?
3) More expansive army customizer sounds interesting. Can any examples be divulged?


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Re: Evolution of Arms

Postby tnjrp » Tue Nov 29, 2011 7:11 am

These are obviously unofficial and IIRC as well since I don't have the PDF on hand just now...

(1) I do believe the book explicitly says someplace that D:CQB points system is to be used only in specific close quarters battles, such as playing games inside space ships. Anyway that's obviously how it's meant to be, cf. two Imperial army lists at the back of the book.

(2) The melee option is similar to an augmentation as per its use. See the example about the Meraxilla buying melee weapons in the book.

(3) No idea what this is about and anyway I wouldn't be able to answer.

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Re: Evolution of Arms

Postby Demian Rose » Sat Feb 11, 2012 6:18 am

Hi Tim,

1. The new point system is for close quarters battle. It does not replace the old point system. The new system should be used for battles in which either the table is so small or there is so much terrain that few fire lanes are longer than 15" (this makes short-range weapons and grenades much more effective). The old system covers more typical "throw some terrain down on a big table" battles where there are multiple fire lanes over 40".

2. basic melee capability is still purchased as part of each figure's point cost, but HTH weapons can augment close combat effectiveness and can be purchased on a per figure basis...so you can make troops that were relatively weak in HTH more powerful in HTH by spending extra poionts.

3. The Army Customizer includes many more options that relax some of the restrictions in the original rules, for example "Defiance: Anything Goes", which allows for armies that have many, many weapon and troop options (both players must agree).

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