March 2011: Zombies, clone troopers, and phase guns

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March 2011: Zombies, clone troopers, and phase guns

Postby smokingwreckage » Sun Mar 13, 2011 7:02 am

Well, we saw Zombies vs Lego Clone Troopers, Terran Force 2D paper vs Legions of Steel UNE troopers, and Space Marine miniatures representing Steave's High Tech Troopers vs UNE troopers.

The Clone Troopers beat the zombies (including the Redneck Zombies in their Undead Pickup), the UNE Powered Infantry toweled-up the Terran Forces, and the High Tech Troopers beat the UNE PI in a totally epic battle that swung back and forth several times before settling on a decisive victory for the HTT.

There might be more to report if our attempts to photodocument the battles bears fruit.

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