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Individual Morale Tests: Stun, AOE, Terror and Cone weapons

Posted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 7:34 am
by smokingwreckage
So a template triggers an individual moral test. For the sake of clarity, I have the following questions, along with my assumption.

Does a Stun template trigger an individual morale test? I assume Yes. What about Terror?

Can a figure be "tagged" and test for individual morale by a "Stun" or "Terror" weapon of a non-AOE variety? Again, I assume yes. EDIT: for Terror, definitely No, page 38 of the rulebook.

Do cone weapons trigger an individual morale test? Yes?

Does a Smoke grenade trigger an individual morale test? What about a Smoke CDW? I assume no.

I have always assumed that a Terror template CDW would cause two individual morale tests: one for the template, and one if the "terror" attack is successful. However it occurs to me this might be a misreading of the intent of the "Terror" effect, and greatly increases the chances of eliminating figures with repeated morale failures.

Re: Individual Morale Tests: Stun, AOE, Terror and Cone weap

Posted: Sun Mar 06, 2011 3:10 pm
by Marauder
Your assumed answers look pretty good to me Sam. I think terror aoe weapons should cause 2 tests otherwise they would be no better than a rather weak aoe weapon that rarely kills and mostly just forces single tests.

Maybe you can answer something for me? For cdw's is the "range" measured from the base of the model or the centre? What about vehicle cdw's?


Re: Individual Morale Tests: Stun, AOE, Terror and Cone weap

Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2011 7:03 am
by smokingwreckage
I've always assumed a template of the listed size, centered on the firer. There are a few areas where Defiance isn't perfectly clear on this OR I have misread it. I've always followed the convention that ranges are measured from the figure's head, which usually is about the center of the base, figure's head facing determines figure facing, more or less. That means variable figure scales and basing aren't messing with ranges. For 25-30 mm scale, 1cm isn't going to make much difference either way.

OTOH I can recall measuring come weapons from the edge of the firer's base, but with a CDW that's going to take time and have strange results, like wide, flat vehicles being deadlier when deploying CDW's than narrow, upright vehicles.