New Beginnings

Ship designs for the Nova Edition
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New Beginnings

Postby murtalianconfederacy » Sun Apr 14, 2013 10:36 am

My latest supplement, with six races, two of which fight using warp points to attack the other.

This supplement has the Hovarkar Federated Territories, the Calhorvi Union, the Qalari Magisterium, the Zilhir Empire, the Histilri Protectorate and the Jolakron Houses. With the exception of the Hovarkar (+1) and the Jolakron (0), all races are at -1 TL.

The Hovarkar are inspired by the Brakiri Avioki while the Jolakron (well, their heavy ships, anyway) are inspired by the Narn T'Loth assault cruiser.
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