Martian Colonial Navy: Starmada Nova Faction

Ship designs for the Nova Edition
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Martian Colonial Navy: Starmada Nova Faction

Postby BroAdso » Sun Jan 10, 2016 1:35 pm

So after working on two pre existing IPs to get a better feel for the Starmada ship building system, and playing a couple of test rounds, I decided to start setting off on my own to create some new factions.

The Martian Colonial Navy is graphically themed and weapon-themed, and designed to be a mid-level and somewhat-advanced faction in the setting I am working on (where most are TL -1 or -2). I'll put up another document soon with some fictional background, but for now tell me what you think of the Martian Colonial Navy - one super-capital ship, two capital ships, two heavy cruisers, and three destroyers.

Sci-fi note: This is designed to be a moderately hard SF setting. There are four standard weapons - lasers (GID, PRC, SLW, Rng 15), missiles (GID/BLS, SKR, ACR, RNG12) railguns (diffuse, RNG9), and composite cannons (diffuse, RNG6) which ships have in different strengths and combinations.
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