"Critical Hits"

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"Critical Hits"

Postby Cartman » Mon Mar 11, 2013 3:37 am

This is something I really like in BFG (also "borrowed" by ACTA) and I thought a simple version of it could be adapted for SFO. It goes like this:

Every time a ship receives a point of damage, a die is rolled. On a '6' a critical hit occurs. Re-roll the die and consult the following table:

1- Special Equipment/Ordnance: All remaining ordnance (fighters, marines, drones, etc,) on board are halved. Special traits (point-defence, cloak, countermeasures, etc.) are nullified until repaired. If there are no ordnance or traits on the ship, re-roll.

2- Engines: No turning allowed. The ship may only move one hex forward.

3- Fire Control: Targets at short range considered to be at long range. Targets at long range cannot be attacked.

4- Defences: -1 to defence rating

5- Bridge: No orders may be issued

6- Hyperdrive: Hyperdrive is damaged and ship receives 1D3 extra hull damage

At the end of the FOLLOWING turn, all ships that have received critical damage during the previous turn may roll a number of damage control dice equal to their current hull points. The damaged system is repaired on a '6'.
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