New SFO Special Orders Ideas

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Re: New SFO Special Orders Ideas

Postby Cartman » Thu Mar 15, 2012 3:03 am

Maximum Power To Weapons - A ship with this Special Order doubles the number Attack Dice it rolls when firing. When moving, it may move only 1/2 it's normal speed and may not make turns (Agile ships may make one turn). The ship's Defense rating is reduced by 1/2 as well. This Special Order is incompatible with any other - remove any other order as soon as it (or Maximum Power To Weapons) is revealed

What about this: Fire at Will - a special order where a ship cannot apply any thrust (no turning, mandatory 1 hex/2" forward movement only) but can add its firepower's crippled attack dice value to its nominal attack dice value. For instance if a battery's forward value is 12/6, then 18 attack dice would be rolled. If the ship is crippled, then 9 attack dice would be rolled (crippled value @ 6+ 1/2 of crippled value @ 3 = 9)

Damn hippies...

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