Since a 2nd Editions is planned...

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Re: Since a 2nd Editions is planned...

Postby mj12games » Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:26 pm

I don't hate this idea.
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Re: Since a 2nd Editions is planned...

Postby bkjohns96 » Thu Jun 19, 2014 4:07 am

I would like to see greater strategic use of fighters. Dogfighting, and fighter traits would be great. I would also like to see tech levels return.

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Re: Since a 2nd Editions is planned...

Postby DMarcus7 » Tue Jul 21, 2015 4:17 pm

mj12games wrote:I see the tension, but my personal bias these days is moving further and further AWAY from record-keeping...

I agree with this sentiment wholeheartedly. I hope S:FO remains a game system that allows you to complete a game with dozens of ships in a reasonable amount of time. I have plenty of detail-oriented space-combat games already... :D

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Re: Since a 2nd Editions is planned...

Postby DMarcus7 » Sat Aug 08, 2015 12:18 am

Just in case you are still considering ideas for SFO2, below are some of my suggestions:

Only define a map size when in competitive play. For scenarios and friendly play (especially with large fleets) allow the use of expanded map sizes.

Orders Phase:
Someone mentioned determining initiative before assigning orders. I think you can simplify the Orders Assignment phase by creating a "Combat Speed" order which represents the current "no orders" state. During the Orders Phase both players assign orders face-down to all ships. They do not have to take turns. They do not have to leave current orders assigned. Just pick up the old orders and put down new ones. One possible rule addition is that you cannot go from full speed to all stop or vice verse. The ship has to order Combat speed in between. Then determine initiative as normal. Then reveal orders at the start of each player's movement phase.

I also am concerned that doubling your movement with Full Speed is too much of an advantage. How about a 50% bonus, rounded down. Speed 1 gets no bonus, 2-3 = +1, 4-5 = +2, 6-7 = +3, etc. In SAE you had to roll dice to see if you got extra speed. This seems more in line with that mechanic.

As people have noted, one of the problems facing an activation system (I activate a ship, You activate a ship, repeat) is players who inflate their fleet with small ships to allow them to move their important ships later in the activation phase regardless of whether they won the initiative or not. Someone referenced moving multiple ships to compensate for this and I agree. I haven't come up with an elegant or simple way to describe this yet, so I will use an example:

Blue Fleet has 3 ships and Red Fleet has 8 ships. The players take turn activating 1 ship at a time. But the Red Player has "padded" his fleet with extra ships, which means he moves the unimportant ships until an advantage can be gained over the Blue ships that have moved. To prevent this, require the player with more ships to move extra ships during each activation. So in the example above, since Blue Fleet only has 3 ships (and 3 activations) then the Red Player has to move multiple ships each activation in order to move them all within 3 activations. In this case, divide 8 by 3 which equals 2 with a remainder of 2. The Red Player has to move 3 ships for each of his first two activations and then 2 ships during his third activation.

You could still use the card-deck method for determining who moves when, just include 1 card for each activation.

When fleets get really large, 20+ ships per side, it may makes sense to decide on a number of activations and have each side move multiple ships per activation. Maybe set the recommended maximum number of activations to 6 when each side has more than 6 ships. Once one side drops below 6 ships, the lowest number of ships in a fleet would determine the number of activations. You could put in a small chart to show how large numbers of ships get split up.

A similar system could be used for fighters, but I haven't thought that one through yet.

Fighters and Carriers:
What I have been considering, is modifying the sequence of play so that fighters move after all the ships have moved and fighters fire after all the ships have fired. This allows ships to use their batteries before the fighters attack and feels more "realistic", but that is only my opinion.

I like the Carrier 1 and Carrier 2 special ship abilities. Optionally give a ship those abilities for free when a certain percentage of the ships SUs are used for fighters, say 25% and 50%

Tech Levels:
Could this be simulated by giving a SU discount, say 5% or 10% per TL? Maybe break it up into three categories: Propulsion, Offense and Defense? I believe there is something similar in SAE.

Since the optional ranges in SAE are no longer optional - will ranges increase in SFO? to 14/15/16?

Consider making the data below available for player-based modifications.

Designing new Hull Sizes:
First,you will need a copy of Starmada:The Admiralty Edition.Then, multiply the Hull Size that you want by 1.5.Do not round off.
Using this as the Hull Size in the Admiralty formula for Space Units will give you the Space Units for SFO.
Using this as the Hull Size in the Admiralty formula for Shield Factor will give you the Defense Factor for SFO.
Using this as the Hull Size in the Admiralty formula for Engine Factor and multiplying the result by 2 divided by 3 will give you the Thrust Factor for SFO.
Round the results to the nearest integer.

Thanks for listening! :)

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