Armored Troopers Scenario

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Armored Troopers Scenario

Postby ctaylor » Fri Nov 12, 2010 7:41 pm

I last watched "Armored Trooper VOTOMS" about 15 years ago, but that doesn't stop me from writing up a scenario and stating some units!

Attack at Dawn
The Gilgamesh Confederation has been at war with the Balarant Union for over a hundred years. An uneasy truce between the war weary powers is under negotiation. The war continues while the two sides negotiate for peace.

Gilgamesh forces are launching a dawn attack to catch the Balarant VOTOMS off guard. Meanwhile, a mercenary force hired by the Balarants is detected on the approach.

Force List
Gilgamesh Confederation (Player 1)
1x ATM-09-HC Berserga Imitate
1x ATM-09-LC Light Scopedog
1x ATM-09-SSC Purple Bear
3x ATM-09-ST Scopedog
1x ATM-09-SC Scopedog Dogman Custom
1x ATM-09-SA Scopedog II
1x ATH-14-ST Standing Tortoise
1x ATM-09-STC Strong Bacchus

Balarant Union and Mercenary Allies (Player 2)
Set up on turn 1:
1x B-ATH-XX Ecrevisse
2x B-ATM-03 Fatty
1x B-ATM-03-DT Fatty Land Type B
1x Infantry

Entering on a later turn (see special rules)
2x ATH-Q58 Berserga DT
1x ATH-Q64 Berserga WP

Player 1 is the first player and sets up on the south side of the map.

Player 2 sets up on the north side of the map. Place two suppression markers on each of the Balarant Union units (except the Infantry). Place an HQ marker on three adjacent hexes in the Balarant Union set up area.

Special Rules
* The Mercenary allies are not set up on the map. They show up at the end of the turn after a Balarant unit has been destroyed, or at the end of the Player 2's fourth turn, whichever comes first. Mercenary units are set up in any unoccupied hex on the edge of the north side of the map.
* Balarant HQ markers have armor 5+ and are destroyed with 1 kill. They cannot move or attack. Units cannot enter an HQ marker hex.
* A superior Balarant reinforcement force has been dispatched. Starting the turn after the arrival of the Mercenary force, roll 2d6 at beginning of Player 1's turn. Add 1 for each destroyed Balarant and Mercenary unit. If the result is 12 or higher, the Gilgamesh player must withdraw by the end of the following turn. Any Gilgamesh units on the map at the end of the following turn are considered destroyed. Once the Gilgamesh player has withdrawn, check for Victory. The Gilgamesh player cannot withdraw until all three HQs are destroyed or until forced by the reinforcement roll.

The Gilgamesh player wins if they destroy at least two of the Balarant HQs, and destroy more Balarant units than destroyed Gilgamesh units. Mercenary units do not count.

The Balarant player wins if they destroy more Gilgamesh units than destroyed Balarant units, and at least two Balarant HQs survive.

Any other result is a draw.

Counters and Force List
Available from here: ... s-v1.0.pdf
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Re: Armored Troopers Scenario

Postby siveon » Sat Nov 13, 2010 3:56 am

Nice forces, will have to print them out and give them a try.

Nice work.

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Re: Armored Troopers Scenario

Postby ctaylor » Sat Nov 13, 2010 6:53 am


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