Class 2 Light Support Unit

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Class 2 Light Support Unit

Postby zorg » Wed Dec 03, 2008 8:14 pm

It's entirely possible that I miscalculated something somewhere... Also, the design isn't meant for the standard setting, but I hope that doesn't matter much. :)
Anyway, here we go:

The Class 2 LSU is a standard unit of the Chinese Hegemony. It is usually deployed as a scout or in a light support role, to complement the heavier Main Combat Units. The recent conflict with Russian forces has demonstrated the tactical advantages of this walker.
Even after it has spent its ammunition, the LSU can still function as a spotter.

Class 2 Light Support Unit
CPV: 81
Size: 3 (Light)
MP: 11
AR: 3
Stability Mod: +2
Thermal Signature: 2 (4)
Tech Level: 5 (Fission)

1) Thermal Dampers - L3
2) Enhanced Sensors - L2
3) TAR
4) Co-Pilot/Gunner Seat
5) Weapon Turret

Legs (4)

Feng Bao Medium Range Missiles (Ballistic) – Turret
Range: 3 (3/6/9)
ROF: 2 per tube
DMG: 3 (d8 )
Ammo: 6 Launch Tubes
External Tubes

Kong Ju Short Range Missiles (Ballistic) – Turret
Range: 2 (2/4/6))
ROF: 2 per tube
DMG: 2 (d6)
Ammo: 12 Launch Tubes
Reduced Damage

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