GMI Type-3 Surface Defense Installation

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GMI Type-3 Surface Defense Installation

Postby go0gleplex » Wed Dec 03, 2008 5:24 pm

The GMI Type-3 Surface Defense Installation is a standard pre-fabricated border post manned by a three shift crew of a dozen troops. Well defended and powered by a nuclear pebble-type reactor at the bottom of the facility allows the installation to function worry free of energy issues. Only the upper weapon level is above ground, the remaining control and living facilities are subterranean. Moderate energy shields supplement the armor of the installation and an anti-missile system reduces the ability of enemy forces using missiles or bombs to take the base out.

When used in an interlocking positioning with other installations, the Type-3 SDI can make enemies regret crossing that line in the sand.

General Militia Industries Type-3 Surface Defense Installation
CPV: 105
Size: 5 (Medium)
MP: NA (Fixed - single hex structure)
AR: 6
Stability Mod: NA
Thermal Signature: 4 (8 )
Tech Level: 5 (Fission Powered)

1) Thermal Dampers - L3
2) Enhanced Sensors – L1
3) Energy Shields – L2
4) Weapon Turret
5) Anti-Missile (Ballistic) System
6) Hostile Environment Modification - L1

Thunderbird Mk IV Missile (Ballistic) – Forward
Range: 6 (6/12/18 )
ROF: 1 per tube
DMG: 3 (d8 )
Ammo: 6 tubes
Multiple Launch Tubes (+5); Indirect Fire Capable

WRC- 5b Autocannon (Kinetic) - Turret
Range: 3 (3/6/9)
ROF: 2
DMG: 2 (d6)
Ammo: 20
Extra Ammunition

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