A-3 Spartan

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A-3 Spartan

Postby go0gleplex » Thu Nov 27, 2008 4:50 pm

The A-3 Spartan is produced by Ares Corp on Mars intended as a low cost general combat unit for the open market. Particularly targeted at the independent worlds, being designed to operate in any environment. The Spartan is capable of combat at any range, though it excels in close combat. Though operating at relatively low top speeds the Krystar Cryst-steel armor increases survivability significantly. Particularly when coupled with the Predator Anti-Missile System mounted over the cockpit area. Field testing shows this unit to be a solid combatant despite being built at yesterdays tech levels.

A-3 Spartan
CPV: 96
Size: 6 (Medium)
MP: 4
AR: 5 (crystal reinforced alloy)
Stability Mod: +1
Thermal Signature: 4
Tech Level: 4 (MHD Powered)

1) Anti-Missile (Ballistic) System
2) Ejection System
3) Hostile Environment Mod. - L1
4) T.A.R.
5) Smoke Dispenser (OOOOO)

Crystal Reinforced Alloy
Arm w/ Hand (Rt)
Arm w/o Hand (Lt)
Legs (2)

T2 Foxhound Missile (Ballistic)
Range: 5 (5/10/15)
ROF: 1 per tube
DMG: 3 (d8 )
Ammo: 5 Tubes
External Tubes; Multiple Launch Tubes (+4); Indirect Fire Capable

Ares Arms Kv1 Auto-loading Recoiless Rifle System (Kinetic)
Range: 4 (4/8/12)
ROF: 1
DMG: 2 (d6)
Ammo: 10
Double Range Penetration Modifiers (+2 to die roll at close rng, -2 at long)

Farber 3000 Combat Blade (Melee)
Range: 1 (hex)
ROF: 1
DMG 1 (d4)
Ammo: -
Monofilament Edge (Halves target AR)

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