Naval warfare from 1890 through 1940

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Postby Marauder » Mon Jun 06, 2016 3:21 pm

Hey all,

This is another... wouldn't it be cool if we had... topic.

I would love to be able to *sometimes* include carriers in GF3 games. Not interested in making them the main focus, or having carrier fleet duels - there are other systems that handle that quite well.

There are already aircraft in GF3. You can spend a given allotment of your points on aircraft tokens. These are one use resources. One would assume that this represents aircraft coming from either a ground base or distant carrier.

Other than carriers having basic GF3 stats based on their armour (or lack there of)/guns/movement, it would be great if they somehow modified how your fleet used the aircraft tokens. Some thoughts:

1) Increase your allowance on % points spent on aircraft (kind of boring but dead simple)
2) Allow you to reuse aircraft tokens (to a certain limit - or a certain # aircraft/turn - maybe have them come back like rolling for reserves)
3) Increase the effectiveness of your aircraft tokens (a bit gamey, which isn't that fitting with GF3)

Anyone else have any interest/ideas about carriers?


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