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Dynamic Warfare Rules

Postby squirrelboy38 » Wed Aug 31, 2011 11:35 am

Finally got this done. I'll upload what I have in pdf so far plus enter it all here including the first or a line of scenarios not entered into the pdf yet.




1. Rain/Snow & Winds (Strong)
2. Fog/Smoke
3. Winds (Light)
4. Rain/Snow
5. Clear Weather
6. Clear Weather
7. Clear Weather
8. Clear Weather
9. Rain/Snow
10. Winds (Strong)
11. Fog/Smoke
12. Rain/Snow & Winds (Light)

Clear Weather: Clear Weather indicates that there are no weather modifications made to a game, and that it is played as normal rules dictate.

Rain/Snow: Rain or snow covers the entire map or play area of a game. Rain or snow is simple to play because it means that all terrain is at least difficult. Open terrain is now difficult, and difficult terrain is now impassible. Impassible terrain is still impassible. Also, Knockdown rules are not optional; they are mandatory due to the slickness of the ground and maintaining a foothold is much more challenging.

Fog/Smoke: Fog or smoke covers the whole map just as rain or snow does. Fog reduces line of sight and thus out of line of sight an enemy troops are considered blocked by terrain and friendly troops are considered out of command distance. If there is fog or smoke the appropriate roll is made to see how far out the distance is before line of sight is lost.


1. 1”
2. 2”
3. 3”
4. 4”
5. 5”
6. 6”

Winds: Winds effect the entire map or playing area of a game, but it is directed and not simply static. When winds is part of a game a wind roll is made to determine the direction the wind is blowing. Also note that the cardinal directions have to be decided among players before the game begins if wind is to be included. When moving with the wind (the direction rolled and the two adjacent directions on the die roll) there is a benefit to movement however, when moving against the wind (the other three directions on the die roll) there is an equal penalty to movement. For light winds the modifier is 1”. This means that when moving with the wind every 1” moved grants one more inch (meaning you may move up to 2” per inch of movement), and when moving against the wind every inch of movement costs 2” (any troop with a movement less that 2” may not move against the wind). For strong winds moving against the wind is difficult terrain (meaning the cost of movement is doubled), and when moving with the wind troops may move up to double their movement.

WIND ROLL (d8) -

1. North (N)
2. North East (NE)
3. East (E)
4. South East (SE)
5. South (S)
6. South West (SW)
7. West (W)
8. North West (NW)


Up to 2” = Normal. War Machines may move up to 1” normally, and over 1” is difficult.
Over 2” = Impassible for War Machines, and difficult for infantry.
Over 4” = Impassible for infantry, and difficult for cavalry.

Difficult for infantry, and impassible for war machines and cavalry.

A drop of 2” or more at once incurs damage. The damage is 1 wound (cumulative) starting at 2” for each inch
fallen. IE, 2” = 1 wound, 3” = 2 wounds, 4” = 4 wounds, 5” = 8 wounds, etc.

Follow normal terrain rules and utilize the Climb special ability from the Grimoire expansion.


Light-Footed (x1.25): May take an action of 1” of movement which must be done immediately after another action. This action is free and is not borrowing to sprint. A troop may not borrow an action and perform this action in the same turn.

Horde Units (TBA): To be determined…


Examples of “natural” traps: Avalanche, quicksand, fire, etc.
Examples of “constructed” traps: mechanical, pits, magic, tripwire, etc.

In development...


1-6 scenarios to be built: some basic rules only (likely 2), others using basic plus Grimoire expansion rules (likely 1), and the others with utilizing the new dynamic rules (likely 3).

OTHER: Alt. Init. rule = deal per player w/ highest army first & ea. Player alternate 2-3 troops at a time. Alt. Win
rule = when army reduced to a set CR% below 25% of total CR and they are out of the game w/ last up wins.

ARES SCENARIO: Charge on the Open Field 

Difficulty: Easy

Play Time: TBA
Number of Armies: 2
Play Area: 4’ L x 6’ W

Description of Play Area & Setup: The play area is an “open” field with no linear, difficult, or impassible terrain types. The playing field sets up players each on one of the two 6’ sides. Each player may then place their units up to 4” up from the back of their sides of the play area, and within 2’ of the center of their side (4’ total). Initiative is first dealt to players for setup, and then each player alternates in the placement of their units in their placement areas.

Player “1” Faction: Dwarves (CR 800)
Units TBA

Player “2” Faction: Orcs (CR 800)
Units TBA
Dynamic Warfare Rules
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