Squadron Strike National Championships - GenCon 2010


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Squadron Strike National Championships - GenCon 2010

Postby Ken_Burnside » Tue Jul 13, 2010 4:21 pm

We will be hosting the Squadron Strike National Championships at GenCon, and have miniatures support from a number of minis vendors.

This topic will be updated regularly as the tournament RDPs are created and the tournament rules file is uploaded.

If you're not familiar with our tournament format - there are prizes in three categories:

1) Ship Design
2) Minis Painting
3) Tactical Command

These contests are semi-independent. It's possible, but unlikely, that someone could place in all three aspects of the tourney. The full tournament rules are a document in the zip file. The ship design spreadsheets are also there - but unless you own the game, they aren't going to make much sense.

You can enter the Ship Design and Minis Painting aspects of the contest without being at GenCon, though we'd appreciate it if you were there to see how they fared. Tactical Command does require that you be there. If you send your ships in remotely for play, please email me and be sure to provide enough postage for a round trip.

We do not accept any responsibility for damaged miniatures that you submit to the con.

Miniatures Support:

We are pleased to announce that the following vendors have created tourney legal sets of minis you can paint and enter in the painting contest, and offered prize support. You can enter any tourney legal set of minis you want; they don't have to be from our minis supporters. However, if you do choose to buy from them, they've already pre-selected a set that go together.

Supporting vendors include:

Studio Bergstrom (Multiple sets)

Bruce Graw (Multiple Sets)
And three from us:

Ad Astra Games:
Set 1: Ships from the Ten Worlds
Set 2: Mixed Scale Traveller Imperial Ships
Set 3: Traveller Zhodani Ships

To buy the basing adapters for these, you'll need one set of the Ninja Magic Small Adapters

If you want to base them, you will need the following items:

Ninja Magic Basic Adapters (quantity 4)
Photon Cutter Studios Flight Bases

(If you take the second basing option, you'll have bases and base adapters sufficient to handle two tournament packs.)

You are not required to make ships based on the universes our minis sets come from - this is not a game of "Re-interpret 10 worlds". or "Re-interpret Traveller." Rather, these are provided so that you can have some visual explanation of what the minis available will look like.

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