AV:T 2nd Edition up for Pre-order


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AV:T 2nd Edition up for Pre-order

Postby Ken_Burnside » Sat Jun 20, 2009 9:41 pm

http://www.adastragames.com/preorder (scroll down past the jet countersheets to find it).

We've run out of countersheets and box wraps for Attack Vector, and I've been dealing with the itch to incorporate the orbital mechanics rules into the core book and lay the book out on the more 'easy on the eyes' standard we use for SITS and SS, plus give it an art update.

The pre-order target is 80 boxed games. We also have (as usual) an upgrade kit for people who bought the old games that just has the updated parts.

I also intend to put in the Deluxe Ship Control Cards; they're the third item on the list. Each Deluxe Ship Control Card set is still compatible with the 1.5 edition of the game.

There are topics on my forums where players are discussing what they'd like to see in a true second edition.

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