High Trader Up For Beta Test


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High Trader Up For Beta Test

Postby Ken_Burnside » Thu May 22, 2008 6:56 pm

OK, we do things by a playtest honorarium system:

1) We charge $20 for access to the materials. We find that by charging
for access, we get 30% response rates of a smaller pool, rather than
about 2% response rates for a larger one - and we get more meaningful
responses. (Someone who downloads, reads and says "eh" doesn't give us
anything. Someone who paid $20, reads and doesn't like it will be
vocal about what we need to change...which is useful.)

2) The honorarium goes to design@adastragames.com by PayPal.

3) When I get your honorarium, I'll give access to the forum on my web
site where the playtest files live. You do need an Ad Astra Forum
account at http://www.adastragames.com/discus.html

4) We're running this game on a play-by-post setup, moderated by the
developer (Eric Finley). Eric has a certain number of comps to
distribute when the game is published, and will tell me who should get
the honorarium credited against the purchase price of the game.

High Trader is a game about the exploration and exploitation of the Solar system, with lots of innovative components that hide buckets of scary math; it is very much a game of resource exploration and exploitation, as players try to reach hidden victory point objectives.

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Postby jygro » Wed May 28, 2008 9:07 am

I saw this over at boardgamegeek.com a while ago. It look interesting. Perhaps when I get a computer again, I'll have to take a look!


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