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Ship Designs for the Admiralty Edition
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Humanity Ascendant

Postby murtalianconfederacy » Sun Dec 06, 2015 10:46 am

Another SAE supplement by yours truly. I had intended for a different supplement but those ideas ran into a dead-end. Civilians, Mercs/Raiders, normal naval units (including some auxiliary units) and some polity-specific units such as the Terran Coalition's Pangaea-M Light Missile Juggernaut and the Celestial League of Vega's Tenacious Pursuer Disruptor Cruiser, plus a couple force lists for 250/500/1000/2000 points.

The Procyon Imperial Commonwealth had a bit of a re-design this morning, with the old Flak Battery (a 36 SU weapon) being substituted for a 18 SU version and the ship either having their Flak Battery's arc widened (Knight CA), the number of FBs doubled (Baron BCVL) or the number of FBs kept the same but the space taken up by half the FB's number of Light Rail Turrets (Count BCV, Earl BCVH and Duke CBCV)
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