Undead, Universe and Congratulations, NNBTO

Unit-based, continuous action, fantasy skirmish game

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Undead, Universe and Congratulations, NNBTO

Postby Blackronin » Sun Jan 18, 2009 1:50 pm

Mr. Daniel Kast & Kevin Smith, thank you very much for making this game. I've played it for the first time with my brother this night and loved it. Amazing system. Congratulations.

I only found the need for one ability that I could not find in the rule book and in the ARES: Grimoire, the undead ability. I do understand that you can simulate it with the mindless ability and the necromancy ability. But I really think that i wouldn't hurt to have a undead ability.

I know that the creation of ARES is exactly to use any mini and to have the freedom from certain "obligatory" army lists that certain "money hammering" companies have. Still, the system is so brilliant that it is a shame that it doesn't have a "universe" and not a miniature line, to draw from. With campaign rules, and all the possibilities that a universe gives.
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