ARES Dungeon Crawl; further refinements

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ARES Dungeon Crawl; further refinements

Postby smokingwreckage » Sat Nov 01, 2014 2:20 pm

Theoretically, if everyone has the same morale (for example, no morale) then putting in a "1" for it, effectively knocking it out of the equation, should work, yes?

I reworked my dungeon crawl to make it a lot quicker to pick-up-and-play, and have what I think is a really fast and easy method that doesn't need much conversion or statting. It's really squad-versus-squad again, rather than heroes versus monsters.

Monsters and heroes alike are ranked into tiers, each tier gets the same dice defence, attack, weapon, etc, by default.

So, D4, D6, D8, D10, D12. Respectively, wimpy, medium, large, dangerous, deadly menace. Wound capacity is 1, 1, 2, 3, 4.

Movement and ranges are all 3", to give some breathing space in the very tight quarters of printed 1" grid dungeon tiles.

This means you just fish out a number of themed miniatures from my (thanks to Reaper's Bones 1 Kickstarter) now enormous collection, fit them to the "size" they seem to match, even out the forces so they're fair, and go.

Initiative is still a mess at present, but we rolled for it because my opponent, rival for control of the seething dark, and daughter, finds rolling dice exciting :lol: We played a game of my orcs versus her undead, which she enjoyed, although she didn't quite "get" why I insisted on doing voice characterizations for all my orcs... :geek:

The aim is to kill off the other player (s) whilst also looting the rooms. Each room looted results in a random roll, which can bring varying degrees of gold, or disaster, in the form of traps! Possibly I will work in random unaligned dungeon crawlies as part of the loot/trap/random encounter mechanic, which I aim to have working as a card draw. To remember which rooms have been looted, they will all start with a chest, which you take when you have ransacked the room!

I think to incentivise grouping and provide a risk/reward to loot and traps, I might make the gold a dice size, which you roll one of for every friendly in the room. This will provide incentive to bunch up and get gassed by traps :twisted: :D

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