Hello!......And a few Q's

Mechanized warfare in the XXXIV Century

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Hello!......And a few Q's

Postby Iron Penguin » Mon Jan 24, 2011 10:25 am

First things first, hello everyone! New to the forums and new to the game. So I gave the rules a read through and had a few questions. So if I understand the rules correctly, Wardogs can be played from 6MM to 15MM? I ask because I have a LOT of Mechwarrior stuff that I want to use. To use my MW pieces should I use a 4x6 table? Oh yeah I'll be playing hexless most of time. Also I want to try and use Wardogs for WWII, I have a lot of 15MM WWII stuff as well. From what I understand this can be done as well...I think. I haven't read the construction rules yet so I may be missing something. Anyhow some things may be obvious, but forgive me for asking, unfortunately because of my Gamer OCD I have to be told "yes you can do that in this game". Hopefully I can do all this so I can drop to one game system for my combined arms army scale gaming. The rules are great by the way I used to play BT wich was fun and loooong and full of charts, but Wardgs is my go to giant stompy mech game of choice now! Thanks for this great game.

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Re: Hello!......And a few Q's

Postby go0gleplex » Tue Jan 25, 2011 11:05 pm

The idea is to be able to use any scale mini's to play with...though maybe basing off 6mm and using 15mm figs as large(r) units in play is more consistent in scale.

It can be played hexless with a little tinkering, which is perfectly okay as long as you're consistent with it. I'd say that board/table size is up to you as desired. If playing hexless, that lets you alter the range/movement scale of the game via taped distances.

The construction rules were set up in a manner to allow multi-era play. However, it should be noted that less technologically advanced units will be more limited in their abilities.

I'd recommend checking out the Errata thread as well, since there have been a few additions, clarifications posted there since the book was printed.

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