Aces at Dawn at Rock-con

Aerial combat during the Great War
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Aces at Dawn at Rock-con

Postby jimbeau » Mon Nov 07, 2005 12:09 pm

Yay Rockford!

I really liked the venue, including the occassional rambunctious young soccer player hurtling themselves through the con.

The con staff were all friendly and cool and promoted fairness and civility throughout the convention. Well done rockford!

I was slightly anxious when I opened up the maps and laid out the planes for the first game on friday night. My goal was to get the opinion of a couple of historical gamers and slowly break into the genre.

What a reception! I must have had 20 guys all ask me about the game and look at the planes and maps and all. I was completely overwhelmed by the reception. I haven't had a con like this in years. Wonderful!

I got to meet Karl from the last square and found some really cool seige engines to use with For the Masses.

And, finally, I'd just like to thank the fine people at the convention center for the two-dollar Guiness pints! I'd also like to thank whoever orders the kegs because they ran out of the two-dollar Guiness. ;)

I have pictures from a couple of the games and as soon as I can get them wrung out of the camera, I'll get them posted for all to see.

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