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Special Equipment...

Postby thedugan » Wed Jul 27, 2005 12:02 am

I think the 'Special Equipment' ought to add points to the *FLEET*, not the ship - much the way some Wargames allow you to customize your army, you're customizing your Fleet.

Anyway, the equipment "Show her the Implements!" - and there's the whole 'comfy pillows' bit..............................

Spinal Mounts - Long Range energy weapon - range 2-4, depending on 'tech level'?

Point Defense - each 'level' reduces the attackers Missile Attack Value by a single die.

ECM = Can only be applied to the ship itself.

ECCM = Applied to a specific target (only one per turn).

Escort Capability - gives your ships the ability to use their PDS against missiles aimed at OTHER ships.

Shield Generators - ships that have them can cover your entire task force, giving a '+' to the entire task force.

Fighters - I can't see a place for them - unless you figure a 'fighter factor' of some sort.

Certainly, you need shuttles to move from ship to ship at least, and some way to determine cargo capacity.

Having more than one 'hit point' per ship: for each hit reduce all die by one, last hit 'cripples' - I think even 20-ship groups could handle that insofar as mechanics. 4 hits tops:
1 - Escort
2 - Squad Ship
3 - Fleet Ship
4 - Flagship
5 - Battleship

Torpedoes - Mr Chekov needs something to do. (Phoooooton Torpeeeeeodesssss...AVAY!)

Grapples - cables with electromagnets on the ends (almost HAVE to have them, especially if you have to salvage things)

Tractor Beams - grav beams to grab stuff, but seems too high tech for SFO - we're re-working BSG it seems to me....

Teleporter/Transporter - too high tech...

Damage Control - only larger ships, or between 'episodes'. Value = Hull-1

I'm sure there's more.....but I'm at work and not able to fish about anymore....
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