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Stuff Salvaged...

Postby thedugan » Wed Apr 08, 2009 5:18 am

This is some of the stuff I managed saved off, it could be used, or discarded. Some of it MIGHT be mine, I know someone else wrote parts (if not most) of this. I'm just posting it here for at least archival purposes:

Eugene Robbins ............... Creator and Executive Producer
Jim Dusenberg ................ Casting Director

MAIN CAST (OFS Endeavor):
Bruce Cowden ................. Captain Bradley Fitzgerald
Brock Stryker (1)............. Pilot Officer John Hardsteel
?????????? ................... First Officer Teri Roth
?????????? ................... Ship's Surgeon Robert "Doc" O'Rourke
?????????? ................... Engineer Doyle Walker
?????????? ................... Communications Chief Aelyr Pi
?????????? ................... Commodore Wang
Greta Bachman ................ Layla (season 1)
Eunice Mupp .................. Layla (season 2)

(1) -- Brock Stryker was born as: Adrian Wainscoting

Mr. Calypso .................. Kiko (the Rhesus Monkey; OFS Vesuvius)
?????????? ................... Janey (the boy wonder; OFS Vesuvius)
?????????? ................... Tobor (the Robot; OFS Vesuvius)

Dan Jansen ................... Bounty Hunter (ep. 207, Drugrunners)
Micheal-Phillip Tubbs ........ Bounty Hunter (ep. 207, Drugrunners)
?????????? ................... President Arnaz
Rudolph Klopfer .............. Genetically Engineered Pirate
?????????? ................... Johanne Hodur (Council Representative
from Bifrost)
?????????? ................... Xerxes Bolar (leader of SF:E)
* Squidmen called Klamari? Created due to odd time-warp episiode,
latin rhythms, and the OFS Desilu? Strange...

* Psi Phi Men's Channel miniseries had Dana Milder playing an
apocraphal version of the Layla character.
* Ukkan: a highly advanced civilization, evolved from an species
of six-legged, amphibious, color-shifting, jungle-dwelling
salamanders. As they grew in their use of tools, their stature
would slowly shift from that of a hexopod, to a near-bipedal
species standing semi-upright, using their long prehensile tails
for additional balance. Over millenia, they would see their upper-
arms and lower-legs elongate, the hands and feet seperate to better
function in their more specialized roles; the central pair of arms,
however, would remain in a neutral state being able to be used as
additional legs to carry extra weight, or as a clumsy, but
functional, set of additional hands when needed. Today, they
average 1.35 meters in height, with a mass just under 60 kg.

* Ikai (Ikai'i plural) They have 1/2 and 1/4 hybrid version that are
used in Ambasadorial Roles (1/2) and infiltration roles (1/4).
They are radially-symmetrical beings with a cylindrical body 3-4
feet long and six arms/tentacles another 3-4 feet long. They are
originally aquatic, but have adapted quite well to zero-G
environments. They have no eyes, making use of 'sonar' to keep
track of their surroundings.

We're not sure about their motivations or their level of
organization yet (two models being considered are an "Evil Empire"
in opposition to the Federation and a Yakuza-type underworld), but
we do know that they have mastered genetic manipulation to the
point that they have created hybrids which are used for diplomacy
with the other races. These hybrids are still clearly alien, as
opposed to the quarter-breeds which are used for infiltration.
Such spies cannot operate openly; while they look Human at first
glance, there's something "off" about them. Musculature is all
wrong, the skin texture is too rubbery, etc.

Homeworld is on Delta Minora B-IV, so they are sometimes called
the Minorans. Humans, being sarcastic or simply rude, will sometimes
call them "Squidmen" or "Kalamari."

* Orosconian Pirates

* Olsheiv Collective

* Traitors of Star Fleet Echo

* Nefertitians (Egyptian feel?)

* Tharbarians (Viking feel?)

Omegapedia Notes (2) - no idea where this came from:
o Johanne Bodur, representative from Bifrost.
-- What's Bifrost?

o Captain Bradley Fitzgerald
--who do you want to model him on? Kirk? Picard? Riker? The guy on 'Crusade'? Adama (not the Lorne Greene version - blehh!)? Tigh? Sheirdan? Sinclair?

o Pilot Officer John Hardsteel
-- definitely 'Starbuck'

o Ship's Surgeon Robert O'Rourke
--with that name, I'd like to use 'Scotty'....:-)

o Communications Chief Aelyr Pi
--T'Pok without the pointy vulcan ears, and he does occasionally smirk.

o First Officer Teri Roth
--Tom Paris from Voyager

o Engineer Doyle Walker
--Very 'Texan', appears to move slowly - but gets more done that you think is possible. Smiles a lot, shows up as often as not in greasy coveralls, not impressed by credentials, good in a fist fight. When asked a question about engineering, you can't stop him until he's convinced he's overwhelmed you in details. His reports are quite lengthy and detailed, and often come with summaries written by his junior officers.

* Creatures
o Arcadian dung bat
Stupid, Noisy, numerous, and stink like SH**...

o X thought-creature
--encountered in any episodes? Major details?

* Glossary
o Fleetie
-- rabidly enthusiastic fan - analogous to 'Trekkie'...

o Fleeter
-- Fan of the show, has the books, knows the characters, but never dresses up as a character at Cons....analogous to 'Trekker'...

o Red sash
-- Honorific of what sort?

* Events
o Ikai'i Crusade
-- the Current hostilities undertaken by the Squids, the purpose of this is to subjugate 'the vile monkeys' and enslave humanity.

The Squids feel that mankind is at best a source of slave labor, and that they dominate near space solely due to their inability to control their procreative urges. In their mind, humanity is only step above a food source, and the dregs of humanity are *exactly* that...

Once the IKai'i have succeeded, mankind will fit into the lower tiers of a carefully-controlled society dominated by the IKai'i - and used as slaves, breeding stock for more slaves, or food suited for the middle class.

* Organizations
o The Olshiev Collective, introduced in an allegorical episode referencing the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
-- Another race?

o Orosconian pirates
-- Ice Pirates come to mind, with a touch of Harry Mudd.

o Space Fleet Echo, led by the traitor Xerxes Bolar.
-- Fleets of Chaos

o Space Fleet Kappa
--- seem to remember something someone wrote...

o Space Fleet Omega

o The 26 Fleets of Man
-- Alpha Through Omega?

o Ikai'i Search and capture fleets
-- Orky slave ships...

* People
o Greta Bachman, originally portrayed "Layla Sauvage" in the TV series.
-- went on to 'better things' and eventually 5 marriages, 7 kids, and a running joke about 'Hollywood marriages'

o Bruce Cowden, portrayed "Captain Fitzgerald" in the TV series.
-- isn't he a real person?

o Dana Milder, portrayed "Layla Sauvage" in the Psi-Phi mini-series.

o Eunice Mupp, replaced Ms. Bachman as "Layla Sauvage" for the second season of the TV series after Greta's impressive but ill-advised Playpen layout.

o Eugene Redding, the man who adapted SFO for American audiences. --ehh, what? It was anime first?

o Brock Stryker, played "Hardsteel" in the TV series.

o Van Watterson, directed the "Silence is Golden" TV episode.

* Races
o Nefertitian, the race to which "Layla Sauvage" belonged (and it is not "Neferterian").
-- yeah, I know, typo'd...
-- Eh, egyptian-themed ships, ornate clothing?

* Starships
o OFS Endeavour, Captain Fitzgerald's ship.
-- details? BTW - can you send me that picture of the SFO ship that you wanted to represent the Endeavour?

o Tharbarian attack cruiser
-- Wrote up something , no feedback.

* Systems
o Bifrost
-- Where is this?

* Technology
-- Hmmm...
- artificial gravity at low values doe to power requirements
- Missiles dominate, due to 'beam spread' at long range.
- Power Generation via 'gate matter' decay
- Power Armor is available, but expensive
- fighters not competitive in combat due to sensor capabilties

Sector-ZweiteHeimat - Someone wrote up a 'sector' - no idea who:
1. Name of Group
Zweite Heimat (14th Island Group to join The Federation)
Protected by Space Fleet Xi

2. Size
4 (a smaller, minor sector; around 15 systems, +/-3)

3. Race/races inhabiting the systems.
Fereenkho (about 45%)
Smallish sized rodent-like race that most closely resemble a
cross between a common sewer rat, a badger, and a racoon.
They are quadrapeds, but can operate with their front claws
like hands, and cover short distances on their hind legs
only. Vocalization in non-native tongues is very difficult
for them, but they can learn to understand other forms of
speach; just as non-Fereenkho can learn to understand their
speach even though learning to speak it has proven nearly
impossible. This leads to odd sounding conversations as
each member speaks in their own tongue... Their culture is
highly adaptive and tends to take on traits of what-ever
society they have become a part of -- in other words, they
are rarely in leadership possitions. The greatest problem
in dealing with them is the fact that they breed so quickly.
Females can begin bearing young at ages as young as 10
years; gestation is only 6 months and each cycle will
produce a litter of between 6 and 18 young (averaging a
dozen). Their average lifespan of 50 years means that most
females are capable of having as many as 20 litters in a
lifetime, giving a single mother 250 or more children.

Human (about 25%)
Apparently of an Eastern European decent; German,
Austrian, Polish, and the like...

Vilorian (about 15%)
Massive vegetarian beast-like species that have a bear-
like appearance. They are lumbering bipeds that can mass
as much as three metric tons. They are considered to be
not quite as intelligent as humans, having a brain that
is just under 75% of the size of a human brain. They do
lack the abstract thought and intuitive deduction capacity
of humans, but have very highly developed logic centers
and pure reasoning skills. Their culture is neo-tribal in
nature, with hints of communal living. They have an average
lifespan of about 45years.

Shirhaon (about 10%)
A humanoid species with seemingly cosmetic changes -- they
have three eyes, one located near the mid forehead region;
their ears are elongated, and located more forward on the
head; they have two arms and two legs, each ending in six
digit hands/feet (resulting in a culture with a base-12
numbering system). The race is, however, more different
from humanity than appearances would suggest. Breeding
between humanity and Shirhaon is possible, but like with
horses and donkeys, the result is always a sterile mule.
Shirhaon are not as strong as humans, but they are much
more graceful. Average lifespan is about 50 years. Culture
is very human-like in it balkanization. early history is
similar to humanities, in that the race had several
competing cultures stricing for dominance. Currently there
are five major cultural divides that have sorted themselves
around skin-tones (yellow, brown, red, green, and purple).
Historically, the Yellow-skined Shirhaon have been dominant,
but in recent history, the Red-Skinned Shirhaon have been
gaining ground.

Various (about 5%)
There are three other species in smaller numbers that live
within the region. They are the Churia, Zirinn, and the
Dulaque. They are originally from other sectors, and will
be detailed there.

4. Description of several of the more important systems in the

Grundlegend -- Grundlegend is the lush agricultural third moon
orbiting Brüderlein, the small gas giant located in the 7th
orbit of the smaller of the two stars in this binary system.
The primary star is a F6VI; the secondary is a G6IV.

Brüderlein, although relatively small, gives off enough heat
that, even while Grundlegend has it eclipsing the stars, the
moon is bathed in a rich, warm glow. The moon sees some very
mild climate changes, and manages to maintain a very long
growing season. The capital of the Zweite Heimat sector was
located here until a little over 80 years ago when it was
moved to Hauptstadt...

The system includes 19 inhabited worlds and moons, two major
space stations, and a node of rather powerful strength.

Hauptstadt -- Hauptstadt is a rolling metropolis orbiting a
massive orange giant (K7II). The capital of the Zweite Heimat
sector was moved here eighty years ago when an outbreak of
yellow fever wiped out a large portion of the population of
Grundlegend. Originally, the move was designed to be a
temporary one, ensuring the non-disruption of the
administrative functions of the sector while medical
services were provided to Grundlegend. However, the urban
center that is the world of Hauptstadt proved to be a better
environment -- at least as far as the politicians were
concerned -- for such activities.

The system includes 9 inhabited worlds and moons, four major
space stations, and a node of medium strength.

5. History of the systems in the group. Were they unified pre-
Federation? If not, what was the political situation? How did
they react to the Human "offer" of node-building? How long ago
was that? Was there a war? Did they respond immediately? If the
race(s) did not have space-faring tech prior to Human arrival,
how did the leap into space affect them?

Prior to the human Federation, there were several independent
worlds lacking the technology of space travel. None of the
indiginous races had ventured outsiode of their own worlds, let
alone their own systems. Thus, pre-Federation -- there was no

When the first human ships moved it, it was pre-federation. These
ships were forming colonies. Grundlegend and Hauptstadt were
amoung the first to be formed. It was not long before the humans
encountered the Fereenkho, the Vilorian, and the Shirhaon; the
Churia, Zirinn, and the Dulaque would come sometime later.

Once the Federation and the Company were solidifying their power,
the human populations of Zweite Heimat were all in favor of joining
this venture. The Vilorian, however, were not so happy with the
idea. However, their lack of independent social and political
power resulted in them having little or no voice in the final
decisions to make this move. The Shirhaon also expressed some
concern, but the humans simply ignored them.

The original capital of the region was located in Grundlegend;
however, the federation prefered the more central location of
Hauptstadt. The decision was looking as though the population
would reject the move when the yellow fever outbreak hit. This
forced the hands of the populous and so the move to Hauptstadt
became a de facto decision, under the conditions that once things
settled down in Grundlegend, administrative functions would
return. This never happened.

Over the last eighty years, the populations of the worlds of
Zweite Heimat have been prosperous. Mostly uneffected by the
various conflicts that have plagued other regions, the Zweite
Heimat populations have maintained order and structure -- and
high profitability.

6. Current situation; is it one large political organization, or a
collection of smaller ones? What role does the Company/Humans
play in the group right now?

Humanity dominates the less advanced cultures of the Zweite Heimat
worlds. However... the growing undercurrent of dissatisfaction
with their limited voice in government has led many to feel that
the Vilorian (or perhaps the Shirhaon) may be planning something.
The human government, however, rejects such ideas, citing the
fact that the Vilorian lack the intellectual capacity to carry
out such a plan, even if they _could_ think it up... the fighting
within the sub-cultures of the Shirhaon keep them from being a
major player outside of small, isolated circles.

However, there is another theory that some elements of the
Geheime Staatspolizei (a highly trained, highly secretive police
force maintained by the human government of Zweite Heimat) have
been giving some credence to -- the Fereenkho are just clever
enough to possibly be using the Vilorian as muscle for such a
plan, while using the Shirhaon as a sort of second wave. Thus
far, little evidence of such things has turned up, but
Staatspolizei Kommissar (the head of the Geheime Staatspolizei)
Friedrich Reichmann has begun a rather extensive campaign to hunt
down such activities as he feels would contribute to such a
campaign and stop iot before it gets a foothold in _his_ sector.

One thing that is not commonly known is that the Geheime
Staatspolizei maintain their own fleet of small patrol craft
within the sector... plus, they have operatives that work within
the ranks of Space Fleet Xi, ensuring that any sort of disloyal
activities are reported back to the Staatspolizei Kommissar...

7. To what extent do the squids exist in the group? Are they openly
present? Do they only have a bunch of spies? Are they present at

This will depend entirely on the final word on how the Squids are

8. Finally, please name/describe the Space Fleet assigned to the
group. While many Fleets will be assigned a Greek letter (SFO)
there are others (Space Fleet Echo). Who are the important
officers? What are the most notable ships? Don't worry about
describing them in Starmada/Iron Stars detail, but some general
ideas would be good.

Space Fleet Xi

Flagship -- a large behemoth of a craft known as the XFS
_Grundherr Oberherren_ ("Lord of the Overlords"). Her commanding
officer is Fleet Captain Dietrich Eisen, an arrogant man known
for his superb tactical skills, impecable military bearing. His
family is one of the most prominant and honored in the sector.
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Re: Stuff Salvaged...

Postby thedugan » Wed Apr 08, 2009 5:23 am

I wrote up (fairly recently) some ideas for a "script" of sorts based on what i knew about SFO....
Fleet of the Farthest Star: [This is the title of my as-yet-unwritten webcomic, this was part of it]
(SPACEFLEET: OMEGA episode synopsis)


- Starts with a party aboard the Admiral's flagship.

- We then shift to the passenger cabin of a large shuttle, where we meet the Captain discussing his ship's maintenance and construction needs with his XO and engineer. We follow them from the shuttle, as it passes among the ships of the small fleet (some in spacedock, some simply in orbit) through the docking with the flagship, and then to the party.

- During the party, some (or many) members of the series are introduced.

- The Admiral makes an announcement, that he's recieved word that the Kalmarans have accepted the latest peace delegation without incident, and a "basic goals agreement" was signed.

- The party breaks up, and the Endeavour party (now aboard their ship, and taking care of minor problems) recieves a request to take 2 destroyers (Harpy and Pariah) out into the Oort cloud for anti-pirate operations. The request was from a gas mining station, who has been getting periodic sensor pings from odd locations.

- The episode ends as the the captain announces the arrival to the crew, and a brief discussion with the station manager.

"This is why we're here sir. If you've got trouble coming, they have to get through us."

Roll credits as we peel away from Endeavour, with Harpy and Pariah vectoring off in "standard patrol pattern".



- We open as we hear reports coming in from ....................

I know I've got more written, it's just not HERE....
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Re: Stuff Salvaged...

Postby starbreaker » Tue Jan 12, 2010 1:38 am

Space Fleet Kappa
--- seem to remember something someone wrote...

If it helps any, that was the alphabet fleet based in the Dracon's Walk, home to the Feese, Okog, and Glare Star Ergovores, amongst others.

Now if I can just find my old writeups of all that. Grrrr.

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