Star Trek Attack Wing

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Star Trek Attack Wing

Postby mj12games » Fri Apr 21, 2017 7:46 pm

Always on the lookout for alternative sources for Starmada ships. Not sure how I never got into this game, but apparently STAW is a big deal with the kids these days.

Looking at the ships available, however, I am perplexed -- why, in the name of all that is holy, is the Enterprise so dinky? :O
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Re: Star Trek Attack Wing

Postby Ruckdog » Thu Apr 27, 2017 3:03 pm

Yeah, scale has been all over the place for this line, and the "Tinyprise" has been a real head-scratcher of a decision. Especially considering that the Refit Constitution model WizKids put out is in roughly the same scale as the Miranda and Excelsior above (ie, much larger than the Tinyprise). WizKids then went and did something similar for the Constellation model (Stargazer, Hathaway) and made it much smaller than the movie-era ships in the line. The much smaller size puts them close to scale with the Ent-D mini they released, which is probably why they did it. However, it is really odd that it was done so inconsistently!

I have quite a few of these minis, though I don't play the game a whole lot. Actually, WizKids figure out a way to get me to buy many of the same models on three separate occasions; many of the STAW models started out as minis for the Star Trek Fleet Captains board game, and then got released as the Star Trek Tactcis HeroClix game, and then got re-purposed again for STAW. If you are interested in just the minis (and plan to re-base them using your own bases) you might be able to get the older Clix versions for less. However, there are some STAW sculpts that are unique to that system, like the Akira.

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