looking to get rid of modern US micro armor

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looking to get rid of modern US micro armor

Postby themattcurtis » Thu Jan 28, 2010 3:01 am

12 M1 and M1A1a
22 M2/M3s
2 M106s
3 M125s
4 M901s
6 M109s
2 M110s
2 Vulcan SPAA
1 Chaparral
2 Hummers
2 M557 Command Tracks
1 Command Hummer
5 M113s
1 M728
2 A-10 Warthogs

Half are painted in a desert scheme and based/flocked. The others are bare metal / not based.

I'll toss in a copy of Cold War Commander for free -- essentially you have a mechanized brigade, late 1980s-1991. You just need to add infantry minis (cheap with 6mm) or counters. Retail would be $115 plus the book -- these are C-in-C and H&R. I'd take half that plus shipping.

Thanks for lookin.


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