showing off SSD things I added

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showing off SSD things I added

Postby GamingGlen » Wed Mar 07, 2018 5:40 pm

These are in the Drake format. I would like to make picture SSDs using ship silhouettes, but the system seems unfriendly to that. How does one distribute various systems around the SSD, especially weapons, yet make it easy for the damage limits to be used? (it's why I proposed the players alternating damage allocation)

Anyway, I added Fighter Flight info, plus Shuttlecraft, on the SSD. I added input boxes for Fighter Flight choices next to the StarShip Systems options in the spreadsheet. Fighter Flight and Shuttlecraft ACC is shown as two numbers: ships:tiny. The bracketed number is the save or extra loss chance.

<#> after Marines is how many can try to board another ship in the same phase. Repair Crews is the number of damage control dice you can roll (maybe I should rename to Damage Control?). Perhaps I should change the () to <> for Repair Crews. It's the same number for maximum Flight launches so no need to add such a number after Carrier (like "Carrier (20/4)"), and double the <#> number if Launch Tubes are aboard... hmm. We use those optional rules here.

The dots are for spacing as this message board does not space well (or I don't know how to make it keep the spaces); I have spaces and not dots on the SSD.

Ship size is 16 to handle all the flights for this example. At ~1800 CRAT I would not fly it; I can get it down to ~1400 without major weapons and no Shields or Screens.
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Marines <5>: 9 ; Shuttlecraft : 1
...Shuttlecraft : (1) MA-4 1x5+:5+/1/1 [4+]

Traits: Repair Crews (4); Carrier (20); Launch Tubes
...Fighter Flights (# in flight)
...3x Standard... : (6) MA-8 1x5+:5+/1/1
...1x Assault...... : (4) MA-8 2x5+:5+/1/1
...1x Bomber..... : (5) MA-8 1x4+:6+/1/1
...2x Heavy....... : (4) MA-8 1x5+:5+/1/1 [4+]
...4x Interceptor : (5) MA-8 1x6+:4+/1/1
...2x Light......... : (7) MA-8 1x5+:5+/1/1 [2-]
...2x Strike........ : (2) MA-8 2x5+:6+/1/2 [5+]
...4x Swarm...... : (9) MA-8 1x5+:6+/1/1 [3-]
...1x Super........ : (1) MA-8 2x4+:4+/1/2 [2+]

The last three are ones I made up, not too seriously. Whether balanced or not, they won't be used (unless my opponent agrees...hah). "Strike" is testing different values. "Swarm" came from thinking of Last Starfighter's massive number of opponents). "Super" is your special ace, worthy of an entire flight; despite the high save chance I have a feeling it won't last long as the enemy fleet will fire a lot of weapons at it just out of spite (I know my opponents). Maybe 20x Super flights? muhahahaha 8-)

Seeing how it would look if I made more changes:
Traits: Damage Control <4>; Carrier (20/8/2); Launch Tubes

Carrier #s show: # flights/launch limit/recovery limit.

(yeah yeah, my gearheadiness is showing :lol: )

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Re: showing off SSD things I added

Postby mj12games » Wed Mar 07, 2018 5:51 pm

Looks good! Couple responses:

1) I hate graphical displays. Just my personal preference, but as you note, it has informed certain game design choices, most notably the loss limits. But if you can make them work, more power to you.

2) You can use the "Code" delimiter to indicate mono-spaced type. For example:

Code: Select all

   3x Standard      : (6) MA-8 1x5+:5+/1/1
   1x Assault       : (4) MA-8 2x5+:5+/1/1
   1x Bomber        : (5) MA-8 1x4+:6+/1/1
   2x Heavy         : (4) MA-8 1x5+:5+/1/1 [4+]
   4x Interceptor   : (5) MA-8 1x6+:4+/1/1
   2x Light         : (7) MA-8 1x5+:5+/1/1 [2-]
   2x Strike        : (2) MA-8 2x5+:6+/1/2 [5+]
   4x Swarm         : (9) MA-8 1x5+:6+/1/1 [3-]
   1x Super         : (1) MA-8 2x4+:4+/1/2 [2+]
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Re: showing off SSD things I added

Postby BeowulfJB » Fri Mar 09, 2018 12:52 am

Looks great, I like the detail. 8-)
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