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Posted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 6:13 am
by MRCAcct
Just wondering if/when we'll get rules and costs for this?

Also wondering if some of the older traits will ever reappear too:
    Increased Impact
    Range-Based ROF and DMG
    Variable IMP and DMG
    Flotillas (though I think the AE rules should work)
    Ammo (for SFB-like Drone Racks)
    Fragile/Reinforced Systems

Re: Regeneration

Posted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 12:01 pm
by murtalianconfederacy
I second this, although what I'd really like to see is the Ship/Fighter-Exclusive traits (mainly because I've kinda gotten too attached to the idea of a weapon that is death incarnate to fighters but is only moderately effective, if that, to ships).

Regarding flotillas (one of the things I really really want alongside IncImpact....):

I worked out that a new method of construction for Flotillas is required rather than my preferred 'slot SAE construction rules into SUE' because the SAE rules creates...interesting numbers when generating a true-to-the-formulae conversion from the SAE construction rules to the SUE construction rules:

Flotilla In SUE
SUs: 62
Engine Factor: 3 (2.25)
Shield Factor: 6 (5.5)

This means that, in theory, a flotilla with nothing but engines would be slower than a hull-1 vessel with nothing but engines (engine-20 to engine-25, IICC). Dropping the EF to 2 would give the speed advantage back to the flotilla unit.

Defensively, the flotilla gains more from the hull-1 vessel compared to the SAE version: a hull-1 vessel had to give up a quarter of the space for some form of defence, while the flotilla had to give up three-eighths. Now, both are less than a tenth, but whereas the SUE hull-1 can get almost 3x the defensive value of a SAE hull-1 vessel [worked out by dividing (SAE ShF/SAE SU) by (SUE ShF/SUE SU)], the hypothetical SUE flotilla unit gets 3.875x the defensive value.

I'd suggest bumping the SF up to 7, where it still has an advantage but not nearly as much. Or, maybe, go for:

SUs: 64
Engine Factor: 2
Shield Factor: 8

Bumping the SUs to 64 makes it 'look' nicer as a number, as well as being half a hull-1 vessel. EF being 2 gives them a slight speed advantage over hull-1, while SF being 8 makes it much closer to the hull-1's defensive value. And, for me at least, a 64/2/8 looks nicer.

Of course, there may already be flotilla rules in the works, and they may (indeed, quite likely do) look nothing like this, but that's my thoughts on the matter (once I actually started thinking about them instead of off-handedly musing about them)

Re: Regeneration

Posted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 3:28 pm
by mj12games
MRCAcct wrote:Just wondering if/when we'll get rules and costs for this?

Not sure when it will be "official", but you can't go too far wrong pricing it out as a Cloaking Device.

Re: Regeneration

Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 11:56 pm
by Garydee
If we do bring back variable damage I think it should be nerfed. Having it increase damage by 2x or 3x is probably too much. Instead of 2x or 3x let it do just do 2 or 3 points.