Dry dock and OpenOffice/LibreOffice

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Dry dock and OpenOffice/LibreOffice

Postby mikeaxe » Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:11 am

Hi guys,
My spreadsheet skills are not great but I have been trying to get the Drydock to work on open office and found some success, well sort of. Libreoffice 5 rather than OpenOffice seems to work with a single small tweak. On the weapons sheet change the acc column format numbers to text and it all appears to work...ish.

I have tried a couple of ships from the rules and the crat seems out. The imperial concordat is 770 rather than 755. Probably a rounding error somewhere. On the ship sheet it is 769.

There obviously needs some more testing but with my poor spreadsheet skills I thought I would post my results so far and others might help some testing and post any changes from Dan's original needed.

It would help if we could have a working example in the drydock. Perhaps the good old Majestic could be added to show how. Dan?
Mike P.

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Re: Dry dock and OpenOffice/LibreOffice

Postby mikeaxe1066 » Sun Jul 30, 2017 7:18 am

I'm having isssues with my old id of mikeaxe and have re-registered.
I have now upgraded my libreOffice to 5.4 and apart from having to change the cell format for tha ACC column on the weapons sheet it appears to work without any other issues. I have tested the Imperial ships from the rules and the Majestic and Concodant are correct the Swiftsure has a CRAT of 165 rather than 170 not clear why.

Looking to play my first non-solo game next weekend so need to sort out the ships now!

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Re: Dry dock and OpenOffice/LibreOffice

Postby bekosh » Mon Jul 31, 2017 2:40 pm

Dan had mentioned that the CRAT on the ship page (M5) rounds up but the display page (Q2) rounds the the nearest 5.
It looks like LibreOffice might be rounding differently than MSExcel.

If the CRAT in M5 on the ship page rounds down rather than up you may end with a CRAT of 167 rounding to 165 for the nearest 5 vs. rounding up to 168 and 170.

Just the first thing that came to mind.
Carpe Dementia!

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Re: Dry dock and OpenOffice/LibreOffice

Postby mikeaxe1066 » Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:38 am

While trying to validate LibreOffice I have been frustrated with the inconsistances between the ships in the rules and the results from LibreOffice. I have 'tested' quite a few of the ships provided in the book and could not detect any particular pattern or error in the code caused be any conversion. It was defiantly not a rounding error as some of the variations are quite large. Finally I got out my parchment, quill and abacus. I have gone through the KALAEDINESE Coronation Heavy Cruiser from the rule book and have calculated its CRAT is 455, which agrees with LibreOffice not 505 as in the book.
Given this and assuming LibreOffice is correct I offer the following:-

Ship Rules CRAT/My CRAT
Majestic 320/320:
Swiftsure 170/165: Actual CRAT 163 before rounding
Concordant 755/755:
Thunderbolt 645/630:
Cromwell 555/555:
Peregrine 180/125:
Coronation 505/455: Actual calculated manually
Forte 245/210: Actual CRAT 212 before rounding
Fortissimo 110/95: Actual CRAT 94 before rounding
Republic 865/865
Alexander 730/735
Agincourt 495/495
Gaugamela 240/240
Madrid 110/115
Emperor's Might 675/675
People's Justice 390/395
Emperor's Hand 270/275
Council's Sword 165/170
Senator Thalmus 85/85
Boxer 495/475
Headhunter 300/295
Predator 290/280
Hammer 215/210
Zergling 130/130

As you can see most are within rounding but one or two are way out. Also some times they are up and sometimes down. So where have I done wrong?

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