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To the Rescue

Posted: Wed May 17, 2017 4:29 pm
by Marauder
Had a game on the weekend using our own ship designs. I've attached a shot of the action on turn 2.

It was Eldar (old school with sails) and NSL (blue) vs ESU (bare metal) and FSE (hadn't shown up yet).

Except for the Eldar, our designs didn't really reflect the ships from Full Thrust (we just like the minis).

We had a lot of seekers in the game - will probably tone that down going forward, as its just a lot to keep track of. It was surprising how effective the seekers with weapon traits are - very tough to shoot them down. The Eldar player had some very interesting seekers - MA12 and disruptive. Repeated volleys managed to strip most of the weapons/engines/shields off the larger ESU ship, so the NSL moved in for the kill at point blank range with their more conventional weapons.

FSE showed up late in a game with some rather extreme designs. They had a pair of cruisers, each with one large expendable weapon (range 24, Prc2, Focused, Exp, lots of damage and accuracy) - two of them managed to destroy the larger NSL ship in one turn. So, reasonable actually, because the two ships would have had little left in the way of weaponry - and of course if you roll badly with weapons like that you kind of insta-lose the game.

Eldar player really liked the solar sails - I figure we might include comets more often to have a very athletically pleasing way of keeping track of the solar wind direction.

Eldar and NSL pulled of the win by destroying the two ESU ships (each player had 500pt fleets), although not complete fair as he only fielded 500pts against our 1000pts to start, and he really could have had 667pts to begin with (things you are forced to do when you realize one of the players is going to be 2 hours late).


Re: To the Rescue

Posted: Sun May 21, 2017 3:17 am
by Marauder
Forgot about a question we had in the game.

Question: What happens when a ship moves through a hex containing a seeking weapon that was targeting it? Nothing? Seeking weapon attacks the ship?