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Unity Rulebook Errata

Postby mj12games » Sun Apr 23, 2017 4:52 pm

This topic is meant to collect any typographical or other errors/mistakes in the first printing of the Unity Rulebook. This is NOT meant as a discussion on why certain things are the way they are, or whether or not a certain weapon trait or starship system is under/overpowered. In short, these are things I didn't mean for the book to say.

As items are added to this list, I will delete the post from this thread to keep things organized.

p.20: To-Hit Modifers: remove "Dfn weapon, firing defensively (-1)".

p.43: Proximity, second sentence: "A separate attack roll is made against each element (friend or foe) in the target hex."
(h/t KDLadage)

p.77: To-Hit Modifers: remove "Dfn weapon, firing defensively (-1)".

p.86: Starship Display Sheet Index:
Cromwell-class Heavy Cruiser ... 91 (renamed from Tetsukabe)
Peregrine-class Escort ... 92 (renamed from Hayabusa)
Thunderbolt-class Advanced Cruiser ... 90 (renamed from Raikou)
(h/t mikeaxe)
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