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Re: Drydock pre-release

Postby Johenric » Mon Aug 07, 2017 6:28 am

Everything is going great but i cannot figure out how to get the DISPLAY tab to print out side by side, on the same side, of a singe sheet of paper. All it wants to do it throw it into a PDF that is centered on the page. This is a massive waste. I have been through all the options i have in the print screen and nothing. Maybe i am missing something i can do in the editor so when i look at it to print i can see the ship sheets side by side?

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Re: Drydock pre-release

Postby Blacklancer99 » Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:22 am

Couple of things...First, just wondering if the Evaporating trait is going to be added to the base Drydock now that Romulan Armada is in the wild and the trait doesn't seem to be a 100% SFU-specific trait. Also, wondering if it would be possible to add the "Ammo" tracker such as for Drone Racks, even if there are no specific rules to cover its inclusion as I personally prefer it for expendables over the launch everything if you want to type of expendables. Obviously I can add an ammo tracker to my designs but I would rather have it built in if possible (because I am lazy, I mean I am very busy). Last but not least, should the Drydock be "Stuck" to the top of the Starmada Forum or in the Files Section?
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