We played a big Game on Saturday (5600 pts per side)

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We played a big Game on Saturday (5600 pts per side)

Postby BeowulfJB » Mon Sep 08, 2014 2:33 pm

On Saturday Sept 6th, my friends and I played a SNE game here in Jacksonville at the FLGS. Each side had 5600 points. My friend Jabba6z & I played against another friend who took a 3500 point ship with three escorts. We had eights ships with CRATs of 500 to 1000.
The 3500 point ship had 180 Hull, 180 Armor, Level 3 shields & Thrust=3. This ship & its escorts had many batteries that were Acr, Vlt, Cts with range=18. Some of these weapons had FX, some FF, some AA arcs. Formitable. First we destroyed the unshielded escorts, then began the siege of the "Mother Ship".
(For those of us who like the "Big Bang Theory" we named the Mother Ship after Leonard's mother <LOL>)
One advantage we had was that our eight ships were able to surround and sometimes get out of arc of the big ship's FF Arc weapons. Our friend with the huge ship had a challenge deciding which ships to fire on and how many batteries to allocate. This game took just over two hours to play. Lots of fun.
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