GenCon 2009 - 13-16 August 2009, Indianapolis

Playing together with our little guys
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GenCon 2009 - 13-16 August 2009, Indianapolis

Postby Ken_Burnside » Wed Jan 14, 2009 10:08 pm

Event submissions for this start a week from today.

Here are my tentative events - I'd like to coordinate with you guys and Dean and Eric and try and get all the space games in one centralized location.

normally have a crew of 4 minions, plus myself (and would like 6) so people can Do Other Stuff. I run two tables with staggered start times (10A, 2P, 7P for table A, 12P, 5P for table B)

Here's my tentative list.

W: 5P - Intro to SITS
W: 7P - Squadron Strike Seminar - Bring Laptops if you got 'em.

T: 10A - Intro to SS
T: 12P - Intro to SITS
T: 2P - Intro to AV:T
T: 5P - SITS Intermediate
T: 7P - AV:T Big Battle

F: 10A - Intro to SITS
F: 12P - Intro to SS
F: 2P - Intro to SITS
F: 5P - Intro to BoP
F: 7P - SITS Big Battle

S: 10A - Intro to SITS
S: 12P - Intro to AV:T
S: 2P - Intro to SS
S: 5P - Intro to BoP
S: 7P - SS Big Battle

Su: 10A - Ad Astra Open Battle
Su: 12P - SS Bring Your Own

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