GenCon 2013 - Starmada Nova Edition and Ares Modern Zombies

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GenCon 2013 - Starmada Nova Edition and Ares Modern Zombies

Postby sgibson260 » Sun Mar 17, 2013 4:35 am

Hi all,

Our gaming group, Northern Virginia Gamers (NOVAG), will be running two Starmada Nova Edition events at GenCon this year. They are:

Starmada: Out of the Void
Thursday 2pm-6pm

Long range scanner s detect a hulk drifting inside the Akris Rift. Further scans reveal that the hulk uses energy sources unknown to the empires bordering the Akris rift. Warfleets from four starfaring races scramble to claim the hulk and its unique technology. As the four fleets arrive at the hulk, a monumental battle unfolds. Learn to play this great generic starship combat game with beautifully painted ships from several manufacturers.


Starmada: A Thousand Dying Stars
Thursday 7pm-11pm

In the final battle of the Imperial campaign against the alien Hexites, an Imperial exterminatus fleet approaches the Hexite homeworld. To protect the last of their population, the Hexites assemble their fleet and prepare desperate defenses for one final battle. Will the dreaded imperial navy destroy the last of the xenos race? Or will the Hexites fend off the mighty Empire long enough to send much of their population away to safety in the far reaches of space? Learn to play this great starship combat game with beautifully painted ships.


We're also running a modern zombies game using modified Ares rules:
Ares Zombies: All Fall Down
Friday 2pm-6pm, and 7pm-11pm

In the early days of the Lazarus Plague, isolated type I outbreaks spread throughout the midwest. After a rash of unexplained violence strikes Dennison, Ohio, state and local police are dispatched to the downtown area to contain the violence. Can your group of Police secure the overrun hospital and rescue the terrified civilians? Can your group of survivors escape the carnage? Or will they join the growing ranks of the walking dead?


You can find out about our events at GenCon this year at this website: ... ncon-2013/

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