Stock car racing

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Stock car racing

Postby underling » Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:24 pm

Are there any racing game enthusiasts out there?
I, along with a friend of mine, have been working on a set of stock car rules for the past several months.
The primary driving mechanic (pun intended) is a universal dice roll of six dice which are rolled every turn. These dice generate performance chips, as well as dictate the movement rates, for the cars. A turn consists of two rounds of car movement, the order of movement of which is first to last each round.

The game does require a track to play on, five of which I've drawn up.
The tracks are scaled to the 1/144 scale Racing Champions cars from a few years ago.
Currently we've got a short track, a small oval, a larger oval, a Daytona-esque tri-oval, and a road course that vaguely resembles Watkins Glen.
PDFs of these tracks are available, but to give you an idea of the size of them I've been plotting them out on our 36" plotter here at work.

The rules currently are in a very skeleton form, but I believe enough's there so that the rules could be understood and the game played.

I've anyone has any desire to provide some feedback just let me know.

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