Distant Armada now available!

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Distant Armada now available!

Postby mj12games » Tue Jul 19, 2011 4:54 pm

Distant Armada is a sourcebook for Starmada: The Universal Game of Starship Combat.

This book allows Starmada players to expand their enjoyment of the rich and vast playground of the Star Fleet Universe. It contains all of the rules, options, and starship designs needed to introduce several new adversaries: the Lyran Empire & Democratic Republic, Hydran Kingdom, and WYN Cluster. In addition, new ships are provided for some of the existing empires.

Starmada's modular design means players can hand-pick from dozens of options, creating the type of game they want to play! In addition, the game’s flexible and comprehensive starship construction system lets players build their own designs to test against the best the Lyrans and Hydrans have to offer.

Distant Armada is not a stand-alone product; ownership of either Klingon Armada or Romulan Armada is required. The Starmada Admiralty Edition Core Rulebook is also recommended, but not required.
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Re: Distant Armada now available!

Postby OldnGrey » Wed Jul 20, 2011 4:43 pm

Just bought the "Rules" pdf from e23 (no ship cards listed yet) and notice that the Expanding Sphere Generators paragraph 3 and the example have not been amended on page 13.

Have the books you recieved been amended?


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