Clarification on Point Values

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Clarification on Point Values

Postby osarusan » Thu Jul 08, 2010 11:22 am

So I'm just getting started with the rules here and haven't yet had the chance to play my first game, but I'm curious about any kind of guidelines for the values available to purchase for each unit. The book has a lot of numbers to choose from for attacks (2d4, 2d8, 3d12, etc), defense (1, 2, 3, 4...), and so on, but there's little description as to what those represent.

I'm currently trying to slap together a decent dwarf army, and I'm using the example units in the main book and the PDF Jim very graciously sent me with some dwarf stats in it to flesh out my units, but I'm still wondering how much the variation represents.

Maybe if there were some "fluff" description attached to the numbers... For example (and this is totally off my head so please don't fault me if I'm way off):

Attack die: daggers/tiny weapons/slings = d4; short swords/hand axes/short bows = d6; long swords/battle axes/longbows = d8, greatswords/crossbows = d10, and huge Herculean weapons/heavy crossbows = d12

Number of die: 1d represents an untrained wielder, 2d represents a standard wielder, 3d represents an expert wielder

Defense: 0 = unarmored, 1 = light armor or shield; 2 = light armor and shield/heavy armor; 3 = heavy armor and shield/rhinoceros skin; 4 = lightly armored rhinoceros 5 = heavily armored rhinoceros; 6 = iron-plated tank

Morale: 1+ = mindless zombie; 3+ = religious fanatic; 5+ = seasoned warrior; 7+ = new recruits; 9+ = peasants

Wounds: 1 = goblins/cannon fodder troops; 3 = average human warrior; 5 = seasoned hero; 7 = Conan-like

Again, these are just wild guesses off the top of my head, but some kind of "flavor text" to give it a real-world perspective could be useful I think, particularly when building an army from scratch.

Also, perhaps a point range estimate for troop skill levels, such as 0-50: cannon fodder; 51-100: professional warriors; 101-150: seasoned veterans; 151-200: heroes; 200+: legendary? I don't know...

Obviously different army concepts will have wildly differing values, but I'm a bit worried at the price range of my dwarven army list in its current state, as it looks a lot more expensive than the ones in the main rulebook.
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Re: Clarification on Point Values

Postby jimbeau » Mon Aug 09, 2010 3:50 am

I hope you've had a chance to play by now.

The more you add to a unit, the more it costs, almost logarithmically.

Adding Bows to a unit makes them more expensive than you'd think, but they're really worth it. Really. No, don't argue, it's really worth it.

so basically, if you've got lots of wounds or lots of specials it gets to be a lot of points spent on a single unit.

Single units do not fare well, unless they're godlike, and then I won't play with you anymore. :)

let us know how the first games went.

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