Leadership cost

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Leadership cost

Postby jygro » Wed Jul 02, 2008 6:01 am

So, I had an idea and I just wanted to write it here to see what people thought about it. I think it might help the costing for figures with command ability.

Any unit with the command ability must also be given a leadership value. This leadership value is the number of units it may spend its command points on in any given turn *not* including itself. This leadership value would cost a certain number of points during unit creation (that's for the math-guys to determine) with the higher leadership costing a great deal more (possiblity some exponential increase).

So an Orc Leader might have 2d6 for command points and a leadership value of 4 meaning that he could use those rolled command points to move himself and 4 other units in a single turn. Those units could switch from turn to turn, but the maximum number is always four.


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